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How to Sell franchise - 2: Tell Your Story

Posted by Francorp Middle East on Aug 30, 2016 5:42:13 PM


As a business who’s offering franchises for the first time, it all comes down to the matter of how well you can tell your story. What could you tell your prospective franchisee that would differentiate you from the other franchises? You have to give them a reason why this investment would be worthwhile. 

However, there’s a fine line between the tales you tell to sell your products and services and those you tell about your franchise. Amplification of advertising can be seen frequent, and there’s no harm in using adjectives, but then, the information about your franchise should be verified and factual. When the prospect arrives at your website, whether guided there by a search engine or by a print ad, the prospect will have at hand, enough information to make at least a preliminary decision as to level of interest. And if that person responds by giving you his or her email address, we recommend that you use an auto responder to send a return email thanking the person for the inquiry, offering additional information, and an application.

Of course, in actuality the process may take somewhat longer. You may have several phone conversations before an application is sent. You may need to send your brochure which includes an application. And surely some prospects will not qualify and others will lose interest. That is why it’s critical to have a steady lead flow.

Your brochure should represent the essence of your franchise opportunity with atrractive visuals.

The best medium to use, to accentuate your story, would be the Franchise Brochure. It’s characteristically about eight pages long with the size of 9x12 inches, along with images printed in colour. Including a video url would be ideal as it would help describe your business in deeper depths. All these are necessary because you would be competing with large franchise companies. You would need to be thorough with how professional your printed and visual materials would appear as it is important to your potential franchisee.

As for the brochure’s content, you are obliged to, in the best possible way; include an explanation to the franchise prospect why he or she will be making a good investment. It must depict the business itself and illustrate why it is attractive to customer. The more unique your business, the more comprehensive this explanation must be. Furthermore, you should also mention the history of your business, how it flourished and certain details like the kind of support your franchisee would receive, such as training, operations manual, marketing materials, etc.

Lastly, producing a Franchise Brochure is costly, therefore, you should only give it out to candidates that you feel would meet the criteria to become your franchisees. A Mini-Brochure, that’s less expensive, could be prepared for giving out to casual browsers at trade shows.

Build a functional website that will also serve as a content management system

As if it hasn’t been emphasized enough, having a website for your business is especially important in this era. It’s the most efficient way of marketing as it can allow you to have a great reach of your potential franchisees. It is basically marketing on steroids! While age demographics show increasing usage of computers and the Internet by people in their fifties and sixties, such use is explosive among thirty and forty year olds and at saturation in teen through thirty year olds. People over thirty are today’s franchise buyers. Those under are the franchise buyers of tomorrow.  

Odds are that you already have a website, but that doesn’t mean that you could leave as is. It’s time to reassess it. Does it showcase your company in the best possible way? Is it easy for your visitors to navigate through your website? Does it answer all the questions and inquiries? Are the contents both clear and comprehensive? These are few examples of question checklist in re-evaluating your existing website.

On the other hand, if you do not have a website, now is the time to create one. As your business develops, your website will be an essential part in generating sales, even if you do not actually offer goods or services on the site. There are many ways to approach website design, two things to be aware of are these:

  • You will need a “domain name” that is used to identify your business on the Web. Ideally, it will be the name of your business as it now exists, but if that name is taken it should be something as close to your names as possible. For example, if your name is you might also want to reserve and
  • Make sure your website is interactive. In other words, give the visitor the opportunity to respond to the Web. A prospect should be able to type in his name, address, and phone number- perhaps other information as well.

 Follow up prospects with a strong plan in place for lead development

Once your brochure is printed and your website is working, you are ready to respond to prospective franchisees. Actually, by that time you are already responding to franchisees. One reason the Internet has been such a boon to franchise sales is that the website is a lead-generator and response mechanism all in one.

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