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The benefits of exhibiting in Trade Shows

Posted by Francorp Middle East on Oct 11, 2016 1:30:00 PM


Trade shows can be powerful weapons in a growing franchisor’s arsenal for generating leads and, more importantly, sales. Unlike other avenues of marketing, like the Internet, print, press releases, and direct mail, trade shows offer a unique level of direct interaction one-on-one with your prospective franchisees and a dynamic where all around you there is a competition. As a franchisor, trade shows are a time for you to show your best material, in hopes of finding leads and showing them why you are the best company to become a part of their future.

Trade shows represent one of the most popular and successful special events for selling franchises. Attending Trade shows is important and efficient because of the benefits it can bring in to your business. Although the cost is a matter of question here – whether it’s worth it or not, it actually is. The experience, opportunities, knowledge and exposure you’re going to gain here is valuable when it comes to running your business.

In particular, trade shows enable a franchisor to:

Trade shows can help you stimulate new ideas and creative ways to support your business - you can gain knowledge and learn about what’s trending and what’s not. The information you can gain in these events is never-ending and could really make an impact to your business. You’ll become knowledgeable on your industry ergo; you can utilize these resources offered by the trade shows to support your business as a franchisee and franchisor.

Acquire information about competing franchise programs - you can learn about your competition is up to without having to go great lengths. Their business information would be accessible, and use this to compare your business to theirs. Evaluate where you stand, their strengths and weaknesses to support your business.

Speak with a diverse range of prospects and obtain greater knowledge of the franchise marketplace - you can meet up with fellow franchisees that you can lean on, learn from and perhaps acquire business from that you would not have had the chance to meet had you not attended that trade show.

Since trade shows allow for easy and immediate communication, you can get answers right with whatever it is you have doubts on, when running your business. There are several easily reached outlets of exposure for both franchisees and franchisors.

Generate a significant number of leads and a high degree of visibility - the exposure you’re going to get from trade shows would also play an important advantage. It’s basically free marketing – this would allow you to get your franchise known. There would be several franchisees and franchisors and other leads that would fit your buyer persona in the trade show, therefore, you’d be able to generate excellent leads and other contacts that would potentially reach your franchise outreach.

Negative aspects of attending trade shows include:

  • The need to hire or train sales staff
  • The cost of creating a professional quality booth and related marketing materials
  • The cost of travelling and transporting material to show the location
  • The reliance upon outside parties to provide advertising and a proper show environment.

At Francorp, we are a firm believer that there is no alternative for personal face-to-face discussion when it comes to negotiating partnership deals like a franchise agreement. What better platform can reach maximum targeted audiences and impact on the brand value than presenting your best brand elements in a franchise exhibition!



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